UCC-128 Shipping Label API for Major Retailers

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In the complex world of supply chain management, finding practical solutions that simplify operations and cut costs is a common goal for many businesses. Orderful has introduced a new Shipping Labels API to address these needs, notably offering 250 labels for free per month within the Orderful product suite. This new API is designed to generate ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) files needed for label printing, meeting the standards of big retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Nordstrom.

What This Means for Businesses

Here’s why this new feature is noteworthy:

  1. No Extra Cost: Orderful’s decision to include the Shipping Labels API at no additional charge for 250 labels a month removes a financial obstacle, allowing small businesses to access essential shipping label generation tools.
  2. Meeting Retailer Standards: Big retailers have specific label standards to speed up their supply chain processes. Orderful's API meets these standards, which helps in avoiding operational hiccups and chargebacks. 
  3. More Efficiency, Less Errors: Automating the creation of ZPL files for labels means fewer manual processes, saving time and reducing the possibility of mistakes.

Key Features

The Shipping Labels API comes with several user-friendly features.

  • Wide Printer Compatibility: It generates labels in ZPL format, making them compatible with many Zebra printers commonly used in the industry.
  • Adapts to Retailer Requirements: The API can change the label format to meet the unique specifications of major retailers, whether you're shipping to Walmart, Home Depot, Nordstrom, or Macy’s.
  • Easy to Integrate: The API uses RESTful endpoints, making it relatively easy to include in existing systems and order fulfillment workflows
  • Ready for Business Growth: The API can handle an increase in usage, maintaining performance as demand grows.

How It Works

For existing customers, the API is immediately available as part of Orderful's services. Detailed documentation is available, offering instructions, code examples, and typical use cases. Orderful has created templates for common retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.  Additional templates can be created quickly by request. 

Final Thoughts

Orderful’s new Shipping Labels API is a practical, cost-free solution for small businesses needing to create ZPL files. It’s designed to make the shipping process more efficient, ensure fewer mistakes, and comply with the requirements of big retailers. This development is a noteworthy step in making logistics technology more accessible to a wider range of businesses, without added expense.  Interested in learning more about how the Orderful platform can help your business? Speak to an expert today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is certifying the guideline?

Orderful prints example/sample labels to compare against guidelines and performs the certification as a best faith effort.

What do I do if I have discovered a problem with a label?

Contact Orderful Support (support@orderful.com) to resolve the issue.

What do I do if I have a label printing requirement for a retailer that you do not support?

Orderful continues to add capabilities to support label printing for retailers. Contact Orderful Support with the label requirements / guidelines  and we will provide a solution within 3 business days.

What is the pricing for the label printing solution? Is there any additional cost to request for a new label requirement?

If you are an existing customer of Orderful, the label printing and any future requests for new label requirements are already included in your contract. There is no additional fee to request new label requirements.

Do I need to be a customer of Orderful to use labels?

Yes, only existing customers of Orderful can access our label printing features.

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